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Our company, which was founded in 2008 as Vizyon Makine, changed its name to CELIK KONSTRUKSiYON YAPI INSAAT SAN. VE TIC. AS. in 2015, and continues its activities in line with the principles of “Quality”, “Fast”, “Reliable” and “Smart Solution”. During this period, our company has been successful in numerous local and international projects, and it was highly appreciated. Yapi Celik has become a brand with the applications in the structural steel fie
Our company was founded in 25.07.1997 with the name of Ozay Insaat Mut. Tic. Ltd. Sti. by Ali Ates and Ozcan Aslan. In 30.10.1998 the company has taken the name of Ozgun Ins. Mut. Tic. Ltd. Sti. and continued its activities with this name. Now company continues its activities under the name of Ozgun Ins. Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Our company has achieved very important projects from its establishment upto now. Our company has done the restoration of military buildings with care and diligence by the staff who are expert in their own branch. Our company has signed more comprehensive works on the next projects with this power. Our company has achieved a rapid growth momentum in its sector with this outstanding achievement and service concept. We have included food services in our structure in 2000 to take part in different service sectors with the difference and the confidence that we create.
ANI METAL, as one of the leading plant suppliers in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, in addition to the assembly of turnkey galvanizing plants, provides a number of engineering supports such as process consultancy, financial analysis and cost analysis including market analysis. The company which has intensified its business especially in the Middle East South Africa and West Asia, has completed the installation of nearly 30 turnkey factories and has cooperated with more than 100 companies both in the process consulting fields and supplies of various galvanizing equipment. It installs reliable, high-performance, environmentally friendly, technological and modern factories with the world's leading business partners in their own field.
BESTRADE operates in the fields of Building & Construction, Furniture & Decoration, Machinery & Home Electronics and uses its global trade experience in these fields as the best marketing catalyst for companies in Turkey. BESTRADE is increasing the efficiency of companies in Turkey in global trade with its experience, quality and expert team. Taking into consideration the commercial policies and activities of the companies, BESTRADE secures the principles in contracts signed with companies and adopts the principle of protecting them. Having a large customer portfolio, BESTRADE is able to meet with its expert team and customers who want to open up to the global trade, providing them with information on how to join and how to turn it into advantage. Most importantly, BESTRADE takes its reference from trade ethics and aims to keep the customer satisfaction in the foreground. BESTRADE is an affiliate of BESLER Construction Inc. which has been operating since 1980.
PramodER Constructions (also known as 'PER') is a privately-owned construction company with its head office based in Istanbul, Turkey and with a representative office based in London, UK. PER provides the highest quality of products and services to its customers worldwide; with the support of its partners, affiliated entities and through its dedicated team and highly skilled and experienced construction experts. Since its incorporation ‘PramodER Constructions’ has continued thriving and exceling within the industry, best known for its world class products and tailormade services but also the uniquely added incentive of the company’s aim to improve the condition of the world we live in. PER specialises in 4 main areas of metal (Steel & Aluminium) construction projects: • DESIGN: Working in partnership with our dedicated design team consisting of 15 staff with 7 draftsmen and 8 engineers, as we are consistently able to produce impacting results. Utilising the best methods such as 3D Modelling during the design phase means that we at PramodER Constructions mitigate the potential for errors to the best of our capability. Our design and drawing phases are completed using fully licensed, state of the art industry standard as well as internally developed software. At PER we have taken great care in order to conform to construction standards globally specifically the standards required for the U.S, the EU and Asia to name a few. These include but are not limited to: TS498, TS500, TS648, TS4561, TS3357, IBC 2009, AISC 2008, SDI, SNIP. • FABRICATION: With the cooperation of our affiliated partners, PER has a production capacity of 2,000 to 2500 tonnes per month on a 30,000 m² open space and having 13,500 m² closed space; and our operational factory is fully equipped with the newest and latest machinery which is complimented by highly skilled factory workers. • INSTALLATION: PramodER Constructions facilitates one of the most expert installation services on the market for high quality steel structures. At PER we have the added benefit of providing all our services in house meaning smooth coordination within project management as well as efficiency with regards to time scales and costs, whilst maintaining occupational safety requirements are complied with. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: PramodER’s Project Management Team consists of highly skilled and experienced experts within the industry. With our Project Management services PramodER can help you to reduce any potential risks, prevent both technical /non- technical errors, control the project budgets and effectively keep your project within the planned schedule. Our Products include: 1. Conventional Steel Structures; 2. Aluminium structures; 3. SIN Beams; 4. Sandwich Panels; and 5. Corrugated Sheets It is the long-term hope and dream that PramodER Constructions with the help of its clientele will rebuild the Earth, both naturally and synthetically for the betterment of life for all. After all – Quality and Trust Matters!"
M. Ali UZUNYAYLA the chairman of Uzunyayla Corporate Group who started the business with photography left 6.5 year public office and founded Uzunyayla Building which was his first company in 1991.

Uzunyayla Group continuing the works of Construction, Road, Barrage, Housing, Infrastructure and Superstructure proceeds with the first industrial plants which was built in its region.

Uzunyayla Group finishing the projects of Housing and Factory in numerous cities of Turkey like Izmir, Ankara, Bingol and Mersin till now continues its business in the industry sector mainly.

With the Gulbahar Barrage in 1996 the company experienced its first barrage experimentation. In 1996 the company made its first investment to industry to provide brick needs of Bingol, Mus, Erzurum, Elazig, Tunceli by building Genc Brick Facility in Bingol.

With the awareness of “Earthquake does not kill but unqualified constructions take lives.” the company met the needs of ready mixed concrete of the market by establishing two Ready Mixed Concrete Plants which one of them was in Bingol and the other was in Elazig.

Uzunyayla Group making a point of quality in industry sector got the breaking and screening plants started in 2003 to manufacture concrete material from rock on the purpose of meeting the high quality expectations.

The company still continues to meet the needs of lockedstone of the region by establishing lockedstone and border plants in 2009.

The company has started the construction of Bilaloglu Regulator and HES Project by taking into consideration of the electricity necessity of our country to generate 40.000.000 kw/hour electricity with Electricity Generation License of 11.110MW installed power taken from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK). It will be taken into operation in 2012.

The company has already partially completed the 135 Housing project under the name of Uzunyayla Buliding Complex having property in Narlidere, Izmir and continues to complete this project. It also is planning to make new investments in 2012 with the factory which was built on 22 decares in Golbasi County of Ankara in 2009.
FMY GROUPFMY KIMYA manufactures, makes produce and supplies chemicals for the construction of infrastructure, mines, tunnels and motorways. With our experienced and solution-oriented technical teams, we work with very powerful manufacturers in the United States, Europe and the Far East, according to the requirements of the sectors concerned and taking into account the cost and efficiency of components in the laboratory. It develops or proposes products based on projects, often with a discipline of work, to develop solutions adapted to your needs in the field. In addition to selling products based on project requirements, it provides support such as costing, project management, implementation and contracting services with our other companies. . FMY KIMYA aims to create added value in the support areas of our country, which carries out work worldwide in the construction sector and carries out important work in the mining sector with new breakthroughs.
Our company Ilbay Insaat Enerji San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2007. Between 1993 and 2006, we successfully delivered residence, embassy building, macaroni factory, flour facto